What is Wool?

When you consider buying a new carpet, there are a lot of materials to choose from. However, depending on the usage, you can choose from a wide variety of carpets made of wool, polypropylene and many more. Wool is one of the best materials used to make rugs of the best quality. Wool is a natural fibre and one of the prominent choices when it comes to finding something most durable. Wool carpet manufacturers in Panipat use this natural fibre to create carpets of the best quality.

What are the Benefits of Wool Carpets Manufactured in Panipat?

Wool fibre carpets manufactured in India involve sheep’s fur and therefore have many benefits. As wool has natural origins, it is better than synthetic fibres and has the following benefits-


1. Improves Indoor Air Quality

Wool is a natural fibre and can manipulate the humidity if the area is placed in. It can release or absorb moisture and maintain the humidity of your room, making it stable. It also absorbs airborne particles such as formaldehyde, sulphur dioxide and citrus oxide. Wool carpet placed in your living or bedroom will keep the air breathable and healthy.


2. Durability

Wool carpet manufactured by carpet manufacturers in Panipat is resistant to crushing. The natural coiled fibre obtained from sheep has a very long life and can outlast for several years without any signs of crushing. The fibre is naturally strong and has maintained its shape for years.

3. Easy to Clean

The fibre of the wool has an overlapping structure that does not let dirt, dust and spills enter the core of the fibre. The fibre has resistance towards water-based stains, and the spills stay on the outermost layer, cleaning which is very easy.


4. Colour Retention Capacity

Wool has a very attractive molecular structure that easily accepts the dye and looks appealing to the eyes. Once locked in the molecular structure, the dye does not fade away after several washes keeping the carpet good as new for decades.

5. Environment Friendly

One of the greatest benefits of buying a wool carpet is that they are biodegradable. The wool obtained from a sheep works as an insulator, it does not let heat pass through it, which keeps the temperature warmer in the days of winter.

6. Flame-resistant

The temperature at which the fibre will burn, or the ignition temperature of wool is very high. This property makes the carpet flame resistant, which does not burn if cigarette sparks are dropped on it. This type of carpet is the best choice for the office and kitchen.

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    How to Care for Wool Made by Carpet Manufacturers in Panipat?

    Carpet exporters in Panipat provide the best quality carpet, which helps you beautify your home, office or workplace. If you go for either a hand-knotted carpet, machine-woven carpet or a wall to wall wool carpet, you must know the right way to maintain it. Keep in mind the following points to keep your carpet in good shape for years.

    • Shake out the Dirt- If you feel your rug has accumulated a lot of dirt, then hang it outside on a sunny day. Use a broom or a stick to beat the rug and detach the fine dust particles from your rug.
    • Go for Vacuum Cleaning- If you don’t want to wash your rug, you can use a vacuum to suck out the dirt. Vacuum the rug on the wrong side to remove the dirt.
    • Light Scrub- Do not rub if you spill something on the carpet. Rubbing will push the stain deeper into the fibre. You can gently scrub the detergent on the surface and use a towel soaked in lukewarm water to clean it. After cleaning, let it dry in the bright sun.
    • Let the Dirt Dry- If your rug has mud on it, do not wipe it. Let the rug dry, and once it dries, the mud will fall automatically. You can then use a vacuum or brush to remove the remains.
    • Avoid Bleach- Do not apply bleach to your rug, as bleach-containing chemicals like ammonia and chlorine can make the colour fade.
    • Rotate Rug Seasonally- Direct exposure of the rug surface to sunlight can make the colour fade. Make sure you turn your carpet seasonally.

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