Micro Polyester

Micro Polyester

Buying a carpet that suits your location can be tough, with so many options in the market. From natural to synthetic, there are a lot of materials to choose from. Chemical-based materials are acing the carpet industry as they provide greater durability and availability. Micro polyester is a type of the most valued material, polyester and is gaining popularity rapidly.

What is a Micro Polyester?

Micro polyester carpet manufacturers in Panipat make the best quality carpet using polypropylene or polyamide. Micro polyester is a derivative of polyester and also falls in the category of synthetic fibre. Unlike polyester, this material has ultra-fine fibres measuring less than 10mm and are the finest form of textile fabric. These fibres are a mix of polyamide or nylon and polyester; these two fibres are merged using heat to form a micro-polyester. This fabric holds many benefits that are useful in a lot of industries.

Benefits of Micro Polyester made by Carpet Manufacturers in Panipat

The fibre has its roots connected to the land of Japan when the material was used to prepare swimwear in the 1970s. The fibre travelled a long way, and technological advancements have made the material even more beneficial. Below are some major benefits of micro polyester-

  • Inexpensive

Microfibre is one of the cheapest fabrics to buy a quality rug. The cost of the rug formed using this material is cheaper than natural materials; however, not less than polyester due to the involvement of special preparation techniques.

  • Easy to Clean

Micro polyester is very easy to maintain and clean. Some safety precautions must be taken to ensure the carpet’s long life, like not exposing it to heat.

  • Softness

Micro polyester is a cheap alternative to silk, and due to several fine fibres, it feels softer. Proper care of the rug can maintain this softness in the fibre.

  • Breathability

The breathability of a micro-polyester fibre is very impressive as it has fine fibres which are not closely woven.

  • Absorbent

Micro polyester, unlike polyester, is absorbent of water and other liquids.

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    Uses of Micro Polyester

    As a micro-polyester fibre has several benefits, it is used in various industries. Below are the common uses of the material.

    1. Industrial Uses

    Due to the high fibre density, the material is used as an industry insulator. It also has electrostatic properties that make it suitable for filtration.

    2. Apparel and Accessories

    The material is soft, durable and moisture-absorbing, making it suitable for making apparel. This material also prepares accessories like towels, belts and handbags.

    3. For Cleaning

    Micro polyester is the best material to clean surfaces with dangerous microbes. The fine fibre ensures absorbance and helps pick more dirt for extraordinary cleaning.

    4. Homeware Uses

    Due to the absorbance of this material, it is used in making a variety of homeware items like blankets, towels, wash clothes, tablecloths and are also used in the manufacturing of furniture.

    How to Care for Micro Polyester Rugs made by Carpet Manufacturers in India

    Micro polyester rugs are softer because of fine fibres, and improper care of the carpet can lead to wearing and tearing. If you wish to provide long life to your rug, you must know how to care for it. Below are the precautions you must follow to maintain your cushion and keep it from shedding.

    1. Never Use Bleach

    You must never use a carpet cleaner to clean your micro-polyester carpets as it is absorbing and will absorb bleach and chemicals, which will loosen and deteriorate the strength of the fine fibres.

    2. Blot Away Stain

    You must blot away any stain that transpires on your carpet. The spill will be absorbed due to the fine absorption properties, and thus, actions like spot cleaning must be taken immediately.

    3. Avoid Vigorous Brushing

    Do not brush the rug vigorously, resulting in fibres falling out of the carpet.

    4. Go for Dry Cleaning

    The best way to clean your carpet is by dry cleaning method as it will make the fibres fuzz and maintain rugs.

    5. Shake It

    Frequently shake your rugs to remove dirt from the fine hairs of the carpet and make it look good as new. You can also hang the carpet and, with a stick or broom, knock the dust gently.

    6. Vacuum Cleaning Methods

    Vacuum clean the rug on the wrong side to pull out all the dirt and dust from the carpet without damaging fibres.

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