A carpet not only decorates your house but brings comfort with appealing colours. When you buy a rug there are many materials available to choose from including natural fibres like wool and synthetic fibre like polyester. Polyester is one of the leading choices, continue with the blog to know everything about polyester rugs made by carpet exporters in Panipat.

What is a Polyester Carpet?

Polyester is a synthetic fibre made up of polymers that have properties like resistance to stain and crushing. The carpet manufactured by this fibre contains two chemicals; purified terephthalic acid and monotheluene glycol. The combination of these two chemicals leads to the formation of a polymer named polyethylene terephthalate or PET. This material is a type of plastic or resin that is made from either recycled materials like plastic bottles or triexta.

The polyester material is a synthetic fibre and thus is non-biodegradable however, the use of recycled plastic makes it an eco-friendly material that has several benefits.

Benefits of Polyester Carpet Made by Carpet Manufacturers in Panipat

Polyester carpets are highly demanded because of the benefits they hold. Below are the key benefits that you can enjoy when you choose to buy a polyester material carpet to adorn your living room or kitchen.

  • Cost-Effective

Polyester carpets are not preferred because of their pocket-friendly cost. As they are produced with the help of chemicals their availability is easy and the cost is lower.

  • Stain and Water-Resistant

The polyester material is made with closely packed chemicals, this structure does jit allow any liquid to enter the fibre. Polyester like plastic is resistant to water and stain and a spill of stain will not be absorbed by the carpet making it best suited if you have pets or kids in the house.

  • Colour Options and Patterns

This material is prepared using non-biodegradable substances and chemicals which are available in multitude, there are many colour options available with various patterns and designs.

  • Shrink/ Wrinkle Resistant

Polyester is resistant to shrinking and wrinkling as it is made from the strongest chemicals. The polymer has closely packed cells that do not let the carpet get wrinkled after rough and tough foldings.

  • Durable

If we talk about one of the most durable materials then polyester tops the list. If you properly care for your carpet then it can survive for decades. The fibres made are tough and closely packed which makes it a bit hard which goes away after a few washes but ensures long life.

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    Tips on How to Clean a Polyester Rug by Carpet Manufacturers in India?

    To keep your polyester rug in a good shape for years you need to take proper care of it. You must follow the following tips to clean your polyester rug to keep it from shedding.

    1. Dusting

    The easiest step to clean your polyester rug is to shake the carpet to remove the dust. You can take your carpet outdoors and hand it upside down and use a broom or stick dust away all the dirt and dust.

    2. Vacuum Clean

    Your daily cleaning routine must include using a vacuum cleaner to clean your carpet. You can run the vacuum all over the carpet on the reverse side to remove the dust after spreading some baking soda or powder on the rug. You can also go for the wet and dry cleaning method. Where you can apply the detergent mix to your rug and then use the wet function in the vacuum cleaner to remove moisture along with dust particles.

    3. Washing Machine

    If your rug can fit into your washing machine then you can go for machine wash after removing the residue from the carpet. Just wash the rug with cold water without using the dryer. Use laundry soap or detergent in accord with your machine to gently wash the carpet.

    4. Steam Cleaning

    The best cleaning method to clean your rug is the steam cleaning method. However, you must follow the instructions given by the manufacturer before going for steam clean and use the steam cleaner with precaution.

    5. Spot Cleaning

    If the carpet is stained at a particular spot then you can go for spot cleaning instead of washing the entire carpet. Use the fabric spot remover and leave the carpet to dry after applying the mix. Once dried, clean the paste with a cloth or brush it off to remove the stain.

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