Several yarn materials can make the selection tough when you choose to buy a carpet. One such appealing option is tufted carpet which has a sandwich-like appearance. Continue to know more about this carpet-making technique and find the right carpet that suits your location.

What is Carpet Tufting?

Tufting carpet manufacturers in Panipat have been stitching the yarn for years to form rugs that resemble a fishnet look. These rugs are made up of a synthetic material where the stitching is done in the form of a loop in the backing. The yearn is stitched in loops on a secondary backing, a hard canvas or heavy cotton sheet. Tufting is an art of stitching, and various patterns can be easily designed by increasing or decreasing the loop’s height.

Types of Tufted Carpets

There are mainly two types of tufted carpets made by carpet exporters in Panipat-

1. Hand Tufted

These types of carpets are made by a tool called a tufting gun which helps carve additional patterns and form loops on the secondary backing. This method is also used to design geometrical and floral patterns on the carpet.


  • Modern Tufted-

Hand-tufted carpets that are adorned with geometrical shapes and patterns are illustrations of modern tufting.


  • Persian Tufted-

Hand-knotted Persian rugs are modified, and Persian tufted rugs, which are comparatively inexpensive, came into existence to embellish the floor at a pocket-friendly price.


2. Machine Tufted

The use makes machine tufted rugs of tufting machines that are capable of forming all the looks starting from the plush cut pile, multi-loop to the upper pile and cut loop. The machine comprises thousands of needles that produce carpets at a cheaper price.


  • Printed Tufted-

This method is used to make eye-catchy rugs. The screens roll the dye on the carpet, and with digital eye infusion, various stunning patterns are carved on the thin backing with digital eye infusion.


  • Solution Dyed-

In this technique, the synthetic fibre is dipped into colour once it is made. Solution-dyed carpets are colourfast, which means the colour does not fade for decades.

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    Benefits of Tufting Carpets Made by Carpet Manufacturers in Panipat

    There are many textures to create the carpet loop, including a level loop with equal-sized loops, multilevel loops with a diverse length of loops, and shag loops with irregular loose loops. Tufted rugs are a very prominent choice when it comes to buying cost-effective eye-catchy rugs. Tufted rugs are available in many forms of materials; however, their manufacturing ensures their long life.


    1. Durable

    Hand-tufted and machine tufted rugs can last for a long period depending on the size of the loop. These rugs can serve your floor for years without bleeding colour.


    2. Appealing Shapes and Size

    Tufted rugs come in various shapes and sizes. They can have geometrical patterns or floral prints carved on them. There is no limitation on shape and size. The most common type of rug loop manufactured are-

    • Level loop
    • Multi-level loop
    • Berber
    • Velvet
    • Tip sheared
    • Saxony
    • Shang
    • Frieze

    3. Rug Pad Not Required

    The secondary backing at which the loop is stitched works as the pad for the rug and protects it from slipping; therefore, there is no need for a rug pad in tufting.


    4. Colour Variety

    Unlimited custom designs and colour choices are available for tufted rugs. They are made in several colours to pair them with your furniture. The colour retention property does not let the colour bleed after several years.


    5. Production is Easy

    The production of these kinds of rugs is very easy as any size, be it small or large, can be manufactured quickly. A medium-sized rug can be made in around 5-10 days, and machine rugs make the work even faster.


    6. Cost-Effective

    Tufted rugs are one of a kind, but if you are looking for a cheap alternative to knotted rugs, then tufted rugs are the one for you. Tufted rugs are inexpensive, and production with the help of machines at a large scale make the availability increase and cost decrease.

    Cleaning the rug is also very easy; however, to protect the yarn from shedding, do not wash the mud. Let it dry and fall out automatically, then use a vacuum on the reverse side to clean the rug. You can spot clean in case of a spill or remove the dust with the help of a broom for a longer life of your favourite rug.

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