About Golden Floor Furnishing

About Us

Golden Floor Furnishing – Bringing Sustainability to Your Home!

Golden Floor Furnishing is one of the largest growing private sector enterprises involved in manufacturing carpets for over a decade. We take pride in registering a CAGR of 30% PAN India. We aim to create and promote ecological and sustainable products for global consumers, helping us keep our environmental goals in check.

At Golden Floor Furnishing, we firmly believe that all consumers must have access to quality products, especially crafted by our artisans, to adorn their homes. Thus, the craftsmanship is duly acknowledged, and value for money is received.

With the commitment to quality and assurance, we offer:

Mink Blankets

Polar Fleece Blankets

Terry Towels

Bath Robes




Our motive is to ensure high standards and offer unique characteristics in our work by using state-of-the-art equipment. We follow international manufacturing standards, thus making our products suitable for every discerning consumer. The production policies and procedures are stringently followed by the skilled artists we employ to create every unique piece.

Being ISO accredited, we demonstrate our dedication to quality in all areas. We keep your trust intact, as we know every penny you spend is worth a lot more.


Golden Floor Furnishing takes pride in being the renowned owner of North India’s one of the largest showrooms of retail home furnishings.

Currently, we are selling our products in 50 countries across 5 continents. With a workforce of 6000 people, we are present in 14 locations in North India, with a sprawling manufacturing space of 20,00,000 sq ft. We are making our presence felt so that you can find us in all your home furnishing needs.


To be a market leader in the textile industry by continually promoting ecologically sustainable products. We aim to provide cost-effective and quality-harnessed consumer products to all our customers.

We are aiming to create and promote environmental consciousness to remain in harmony with nature.

Our objective is to be the role-models for industry players by following the optimum standards of quality and assurance.


Our singular vision lies in being the most dependable home furnishing brand globally, producing the finest quality textile weaving products.

We are dedicated to developing an effective manufacturing framework infused with exceptionally skilled personnel, modern infrastructure, and innovative applications.

With such a vision, we are working towards becoming a world-renowned brand that is environmentally and humanely conscious, technologically compatible, and capable of setting global manufacturing standards while enhancing India’s worldwide competitiveness.

Why Choose Golden Floor

  • We promise quality
  • We promise durability
  • We promise sustainability
  • We promise eco-friendly products
  • We are committed to people
  • We are committed to the environment
  • We are your go-to place for home furnishings that spell magic!

If you are surfing for a carpet store to get rich quality rugs – your search ends here!  Look no further than the Golden Floor Furnishing to select furnishings and customise the perfect interiors as per your needs.