Polyester FDY (Fully Drawn Yarn)

Polyester FDY (Fully Drawn Yarn)

There are so many materials to choose from when you think of buying a carpet to bring a lavish look to your house. Carpets are a comfortable and luxurious touch to the place; however, finding the right one might get difficult with so many eye-catching pieces. There are so many synthetic and natural fabrics available in the market that can fulfil your needs. One such carpet fibre is Polyester FDY, made by carpet exporters in Panipat. Continue reading to know if this carpet material is the right choice for you.

What is Polyester FDY (Fully Drawn Yarn)?

Polyester FDY or Fully Drawn Yarn or Spin Drawn Yarn is a yarn made up of polyester fibre. The yarn undergoes stretching, crystallisation, and orientation to form a strengthened product. This yarn is mainly used to produce textile or fabric of high strength as the spin of polyester it weaving leads to the formation of weaves of FDY.

Fully Drawn Yarn can be directly used in the process of knitting as first twisted threads. The FDY yarn can be mixed with various fabrics to produce various materials with different benefits. Polyester sewing threads are also manufactured during the knitting and weaving of these polyester yarns. These yarns are used to produce undergarments, sportswear, furnishings like carpet and fabrics. The main reason behind using this yarn in such a wide application is its high durability and strength.

Types of FDY Lustres and Their Uses

Polyester FDY carpet manufacturers in Panipat supply three types of carpet fabrics with three different types of lustres including

1. Semi Dull (SD)

The first is a semi-dull type of lustre with more durability and strength. This lustre is used to produce undergarments and apparel like swimwear that requires more durability.


2. Bright (BR)

This type of polyester lustre reflects bright colours and is used to produce fabrics for denim clothes, towels and furnishings.


3. Triloble Bright (TBR)

The triloble bright have triangular cross-sections and is highly used in curtains, bedsheets, and carpets.

Benefits of Polyester FDY Rugs Made by Carpet Manufacturers in Panipat

Polyester fully drawn yarn or spin drawn yarn made with the process of twisting the polyester fibre has several benefits that include-

1. Availability of Colours

The yarn is available in many colours and lustres; Semi-dull, bright and trilobal bright. Furthermore, it is available in raw white, packed dyes and dope dyed colours. As per the cross-section of the yarn, the colour lustre is induced.


2. Durable

The polyester FDY is one of the most durable synthetic fibres due to the manufacturing process of the yarn. The fibre is twisted, knitted and spun to form this fibre with high strength and durability.


3. Pocket-friendly

As the yarn is made up of synthetic fibre, the production cost of this fibre is lower than natural fibre carpets. When you choose to buy a carpet of this fabric, you choose a durable option at a pocket-friendly price.


4. Warm Fabric

The melting point of polyester is higher, and when it undergoes crystallisation, the yarn becomes warm. The properties like strength and durability increase due to threads, making the carpet warmer due to a close cross-section.


5. High Elasticity

This yarn is elastic and is thus best suited to make undergarments, swimwear and other home-related accessories like towels and carpets.

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    How to Clean Polyester FDY Carpet Made by Carpet Manufacturers in India

    Though the fabric is wear-resistant, you must take precautions to keep the carpet from shedding. Follow the following steps to clean your polyester FDY rug properly.

    1. Normal Dusting

    Regularly dust the carpet by shaking it off or hanging it and hitting slowly with a broom or a stick to remove the dust particles from the carpet.


    2. Vacuum Clean

    Use a vacuum cleaner on the wrong side of the carpet after sprinkling baking powder or soda to pull out all the dust from the carpet. You can also use the detergent paste on the dirt and then use the wet function of the vacuum cleaner to clean the rug.


    3. Steam Clean

    Steam clean the polyester rug to give it a natural fluff. Use a steam cleaning machine to remove the dirt from your carpet.


    4. Spot Clean

    If you don’t want to wash the entire rug, you can go for a spot clean. You must remove the spill immediately before staining and then spot clean the area.


    5. Washing Machine Wash

    If you wish, you can also give your carpet a washing machine wash with cold water. Ensure you remove the dirt before putting it in the machine.

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