Our Story

Where perseverance exists, the rewards are inevitable!

While we are working to add that little spark to your home, here is an interesting account of our journey.

We started in the year 1950, after earning a few accolades in textile manufacturing. Since then, the progression of the story has displayed value addition, seamlessly integrated processes, and innovative advancements with globalisation at the axis of every endeavour we put in place.

Adding a Little Spark to Your Home Decor!

Do you know the terry towel length we produce in a month?

It is the length that can go around the earth 2.4 times! Intrigued? Yes, that is the expanse we are proud of!

From being just a curtain manufacturer unit, we have come a long way and strive every day to create opportunities where none exist.

Being an employer of 6000 individuals, we believe that our people are not only our biggest asset; they are also our greatest investment into our future, fundamental to our long-term growth and success. Consequently, we go the extra mile in equipping them with the skills necessary for their professional growth, rewarding them for outstanding performance and providing them with an excellent environment to deliver their very best.

Behind this rapid rise to prominence lie a story of vision, foresight, planning, excellence of our and above all, the willingness to face challenges and overcome them, devise innovative solutions, and dare to commit, when many others would have taken the less difficult path.

We owe a huge thanks to our customers, who are the most important part of our story!

We are committed to delivering the best to our clients, and we are thankful for their trust and love embedded in our journey!

Our purpose at Golden Floor Furnishing is to help our clients and society by:

  • Investigate possible markets and goods
  • Become a process-driven business
  • In our businesses, be a thought leader and an innovator
  • Provide our customers with creative, personalised, and value-added services
  • Optimal use of all assets
  • Maximise efforts to improve individuals
  • Compliance and worldwide quality requirements are exceeded

Our Growth Journey


Curtain Unit


Home Furnishing Unit added


Asia’s Biggest Blanket Unit installed


One of the world’s biggest suppliers of towels, Golden Terry Towel Unit installed


Leading Carpet manufacturing unit Golden Floor Furnishings Installed


Modern Dope Dyed Unit Installed


Advanced Dyeing Unit Installed


Spinning Unit installed


Asia’s Largest Sheeting & Bedding Unit installed


Expansion of the Terry Unit