PP Soft Heat Set (Polypropylene)

PP Soft Heat Set (Polypropylene)

When you dive into the carpet world, you find there are a lot of materials to choose from. If you wish to buy rugs of the best quality, then PP soft heat-set carpet manufacturers in Panipat have many. The rugs made by synthetic polypropylene are soft to touch and have a lot of benefits. If you wish to expand your carpet collection with an extraordinary carpet, then know everything about the PP soft heat set.

What is a Polypropylene Rug?

Polypropylene is a 1950s invention which, with its diverse characteristics, is helpful in the production of a lot of products. Polypropylene, the nonpolar material, is also used to produce rugs and looks similar to other natural materials used in the production of rugs. This man-made crystalline material belonging to the polyolefin family is made of monomer propylene and suitable for outdoor and indoor uses. The formation of this synthetic fibre involves using a chain-growth polymerisation process which explains why the bonds of the chemical are strong and durable.

What is a PP Soft Heat Set (Polypropylene)?

Rugs made with polypropylene aim to provide a natural-like appearance and the best quality feel. PP Soft Heat Set or HSPP is a type of polypropylene material. The quality of this material is far greater than any other type of polypropylene and is soft, resistant to water, colourfast and durable. The rugs made by this material are low maintenance and resistant to shedding. Carpet exporters in Panipat make the rug of this material with the help of machines which gives them a perfect appearance.

The yarn fibre is treated to remove oils before colour printing rugs made by heat-set polypropylene. The density of the fibre and twisted pattern can be used to verify the quality of the rug. These patterns help the rug stand against shocks, and its anti-static properties make it simple to vacuum.

Benefits of PP Soft Heat Set (Polypropylene)

Soft-heat set polypropylene has a lot of benefits, right from appealing pattern to lifelong durability. What makes this material the most used and trusted material is its properties that include-

  • Affordability- The cost to manufacture these rugs are not very high. You get a quality rug at a low price that suits both your pocket and room.
  • Resistance to Water- PP soft- heat rugs made by carpet manufacturers in India is resistant to water as they neither absorb water nor let it pass through them completely.
  • Colour Retention- These rugs resist fading and can be placed anywhere without worrying about disappearing colour.
  • Stain Resistance- These rugs are the best choice if you have pets or kids in your house as they are resistant to spills, and the spill will not be absorbed and can be easily cleaned.
  • Best for Outdoors- These rugs are waterproof, resistant to moisture, and can be kept anywhere. They will not be damaged with frequent exposure to water, nor will the colour fade.
  • Lightweight and Soft- As they are made of synthetic material, the rug is so lightweight that it can float on the water surface. The material is soft and comfortable.
  • Recyclable- The rugs can be recycled and have a very long lifespan, keeping them the same for decades.
  • Easy to Clean- Polypropylene rugs can be washed in the machine, and synthetic materials used in them do not let the colour fade away. They do not absorb spills and can be placed anywhere without worrying about washing.

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    How to Clean PP Soft Heat Set (Polypropylene) Made by Carpet Manufacturers in Panipat?

    To clean the rug made up of soft-heat polypropylene, you are can choose from the following ways-

    1. Wash-

    You can use lukewarm water and wash your rug without worrying if the colour will fade. However, you must not relate this cleaning method frequently to keep the rug safe.

    1. Vacuum Cleaning-

    Place the rug on a flat surface and run a vacuum on the wrong side to remove the dust particles from the rug. Do not vacuum when the mud on the rug is wet; let it dry and fall off, vacuum the remains in the end.

    1. Pressure Spray and Detergent Scrub-

    Pressure spray the water on the rug and then gently apply the detergent scrub to wash away from the spill. Pressure spray again at the end and let it dry.

    1. Steam Clean-

    You can also choose to steam clean the rug up to 100 degrees C. After steam cleaning, let the rug dry, and it will look good as new.

    1. Spot Cleaning-

    If you wish to wash a particular spot on the carpet, then damp cloth in water and rub it on the carpet to remove the stain.

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